Front teeth with Fractured Bonding

Charlotte cosmetic dentist, Charlotte dentistry, Charlotte NC Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotteon October 22nd, 2010Comments Off on Front teeth with Fractured Bonding

Here’s another view of these teeth.  You can see some of the fractured bonding, but more importantly, look at the relation of the top and bottom teeth and the inward angulation of the top teeth.  The primary reason these teeth, and the bonding that is on them, continue to fracture is a ‘tooth-positional’ problem.  They are in the wrong place.  So the obvious solution would be to move edge of the top front teeth OUT, and the edge of the bottom front teeth IN.  This would position these teeth more ideally, so that when we restored them with veneers they would function properly and last a long time.  Would you consider orthodontics if you were in this situation??

Fracturing front teeth