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Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotte

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charlotte dentist dr. farley


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Smile after bonding

Charlotte Uptown Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotte, Cosmetic Dentist South Park, Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte, Portfolioon April 25th, 20111 Comment

And here is the pretty smile on this young lady after closing the gap on the right side (the patient’s left side).  She was VERY excited with the results, and we were too!

After bonding

Pretty crowns

Cosmetic Dentist South Park, Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte, Dentist in Charlotte, Dentist in Charlotte NC, Portfolioon April 11th, 20111 Comment

Ok….here’s what we did.  Only the front 4 teeth are crowned.  Everything else whitened nicely and there was no reason to put crowns on these other teeth.   So instead of having crowns on all her upper teeth this happy patient was able to have only 4 and get an absolutely fantastic final result.

Another portrait photo

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Just took this photo recently of one happy lady.  Doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile??!!  I’ll bet you can’t tell what we did to improve it….

Portrait photo

Portrait photo

Portrait photo

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On a recent visit to get her teeth cleaned I asked this pretty patient if she’s lost weight.  Yes she had!!  And she was VERY proud of that fact!  So I suggested we update her portrait photo that we had taken after we fixed her front teeth, and she readily agreed. Her teeth look absolutely amazing, and she takes a great photo, too!

Portrait photo

Portrait photo