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Synergy Dental

Myers Park DDS, North Carolina Dentist, South Park DDS, Southpark DDSon January 27th, 2011Comments Off on Synergy Dental

I have been ordering my supplies recently from a new dentist-owned GPO (Group Purchasing Organization).  I had been ordering from one of the ‘major’ dental supply companies but found them REALLY overpriced when I did a comparison to Synergy.  The Synergy concept is to use a large group of dental professionals to negotiate reduced prices on supplies.  Read more about it here.

Bonded teeth

Dilworth Dentist, Myers Park DDS, Myers Park dentist, North Carolina Dentiston July 15th, 2010Comments Off on Bonded teeth

And here’s the final result:


The patient was thrilled to have this area filled in! We’ll get him back soon for a ‘final’ photo, after the tissue has healed completely and the teeth have re-hydrated (they get a bit dried out during the bonding process).

Final bonding after Ortho

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The orthodontist moved the teeth and carefully created the ideal space for a lateral incisor:

Stone model during orthodontics

Ortho plan for Peg Laterals

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As discussed below, option 1 involves moving the teeth to their optimal position leaving the ideal spacing in place so the restorative dentist can bond the spaces that are left, creating teeth that are proportional to the other teeth.  But if the orthodontist does not leave the correct amount of space the final result will result in a tooth that is too large or small for the others.  In other words, the space has to be filled. If there’s too little you end up with a mini-tooth…..too much and you get a Chicklet!  Not good!

Bottom line….the orthodontist has to get the spaces PERFECT for this option to work.

Repaired fractured tooth

Charlotte NC Dentist, Dilworth Dentist, Myers Park DDS, Myers Park dentist, North Carolina Dentiston August 24th, 2009Comments Off on Repaired fractured tooth

Although this had been fractured for many years, this nice lady agreed to have the tooth repaired after additional small pieces fractured off.  And she was heading overseas for an extended trip, too. So we wanted to be sure she had no problems on her trip.

fractured tooth

fractured tooth

Broken porcelain

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This was a tough deal. This poor man was on a camping trip with his kids in the middle-of-nowhere when his porcelain crown broke. He managed to slip it back into place and showed up to see us with the piece in hand.

Broken porcelain

Broken porcelain

Fractured tooth-repaired

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A few minutes later and we got this retired dentist back together.  He was pleased with the final result….and so were we!

Repaired fracture tooth

Repaired fracture tooth


Charlotte NC Dentist, Myers Park DDS, Myers Park dentist, North Carolina Dentist, South Park DDSon March 26th, 2009Comments Off on Cavity-filled

And the final product.  To look at these teeth you’d never know they originally had such large cavities. And one or both of these will end up having crowns ‘down the road’ due to the extensive damage and amount of tooth that was destroyed from the decay.


Another hidden cavity-revealed

Charlotte Uptown Dentist, Dentist in Charlotte, Myers Park DDS, Southpark dentiston February 26th, 20094 Comments

So here we go again….just starting to clean out the cavity and look how much is hidden inside this tooth!


Stress and Gum Disease?

Charlotte NC Dentist, creating a beautiful smile, Gum Disease, Myers Park DDSon August 27th, 2007Comments Off on Stress and Gum Disease?

A recent study published in the Journal of Periodontology has shown a link between stress and periodontal, or gum, disease. Read more about it here.