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Synergy Dental advantage

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As I have been recently ordering my dental supplies through Synergy the biggest advantage has been the price savings.  I’m averaging close to 20% savings on the same exact products.  Let me say that again…..20% on the same stuff!!  It comes in about the same amount of time, in a different shipping box.  That’s the only difference.  Read more about Synergy Dental.

Dental Video

Charlotte Dentist, Charlotte dentistry, Charlotte photography, Charlotte Uptown Dentiston December 13th, 2010Comments Off on Dental Video

I’ve been working on a video for the website.  Stay tuned for more details!

Another portrait photo

Charlotte photography, Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte, Portfolio, Southpark DDSon September 21st, 2009Comments Off on Another portrait photo

Just took this photo recently of one happy lady.  Doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile??!!  I’ll bet you can’t tell what we did to improve it….

Portrait photo

Portrait photo

Portrait photo

Charlotte cosmetic dentist, Charlotte photography, Charlotte veneers, Crowns, Portfolio, Southpark DDSon September 3rd, 2009Comments Off on Portrait photo

On a recent visit to get her teeth cleaned I asked this pretty patient if she’s lost weight.  Yes she had!!  And she was VERY proud of that fact!  So I suggested we update her portrait photo that we had taken after we fixed her front teeth, and she readily agreed. Her teeth look absolutely amazing, and she takes a great photo, too!

Portrait photo

Portrait photo

Firefox speed

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I’ve stated before that I’m a big fan of the Firefox operating system. It feels a little faster that Internet explorer, has a few less bugs, and is still REALLY cool! Having said all that, this article to ‘speed up’ Firefox was pretty interesting.  I’m going to give it a try….if it doesn’t work I guess I’ll be using something else!


Web site

Charlotte dentistry, Charlotte photography, Charlotte veneers, Cosmetic Dentist South Parkon May 11th, 2009Comments Off on Web site

My web site has added a few new photos of the office (with a special thanks to Tony and Jeff for the ‘update’).  Check it out here.

New crowns-before and after

Charlotte photography, Charlotte Uptown Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotte, Southpark dentiston April 27th, 2009Comments Off on New crowns-before and after

And a quick review of where we started:

Old crowns

And the new, beautiful crowns:

New crowns

New crowns-

Charlotte cosmetic dentist, Charlotte Dentist, Charlotte photography, Charlotte veneerson April 23rd, 2009Comments Off on New crowns-

And the final portrait photo of our pretty patient and her new, gorgeous smile!

New crowns


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Yes, I’ve been referred to as a backup ‘freak’ when it comes to the data on my computer.  But with a recent virus on my laptop now cleaned up it was an easy matter to restore the ‘good’ files that were found in the backup.  Plus, as I’ve stated before all the photos I take would be impossible to reproduce, so backing up is a must.  I recently saw this and am trying it out.  It can make a mirror image of your existing drive, copying it exactly.  Oh, and the basic edition is free. Take a look and see what you think:  Macrium Reflect


Charlotte dentistry, Charlotte photography, Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotte, Cosmetic Dentist South Parkon December 26th, 2008Comments Off on Backups

I’m really a fanatic for backups.  With all the photos I take, I can’t risk losing any of them.  So I’m excited about this new service.  It has unlimited online backup for one low monthly fee.  I’m not going to use it for office photos, but will be looking into it for all my personal images.  Read more here….Backblaze.