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Treatment plan for bonding

Charlotte NC Dentist, South Park DDS, Southpark cosmetic dentist, Southpark DDS, Southpark dentiston May 10th, 2010Comments Off on Treatment plan for bonding

We (the orthodontist and myself) discussed our two options.

1. Move the lateral incisors into the middle of the spaces, bond the teeth to make them ideal for size and proportion, finish the orthodontics.

2. Complete the ortho, leaving ideal spacing for the laterals, THEN bond the teeth after the orthodontics is finished.

Both are fairly difficult.  We’ll talk about them in separate posts.

Bonding small laterals

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Your discussion should revolve around the ultimate goal for these teeth.  If the size discrepancy is small, then everyone may agree to simply close the spaces during the orthodontic treatment.  However, many times the size difference is too great to do this:

Tooth with bonding

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So were able to conservatively repair this tooth in a few short minutes and get a great result just in time for this patient to head overseas for an extended trip.  And no one will be able to tell she’s had anything done!

Broken tooth

Broken tooth

Repaired tooth

Repaired tooth

Repaired fractured tooth

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Although this had been fractured for many years, this nice lady agreed to have the tooth repaired after additional small pieces fractured off.  And she was heading overseas for an extended trip, too. So we wanted to be sure she had no problems on her trip.

fractured tooth

fractured tooth

Fractured tooth-repaired

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A few minutes later and we got this retired dentist back together.  He was pleased with the final result….and so were we!

Repaired fracture tooth

Repaired fracture tooth

Fractured tooth

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Here’s a retired dentist who had an old filling that fractured out of this tooth.  It was originally placed when he was in dental school and had served him well for many, many years.

Fractured front tooth

Fractured front tooth

New crowns

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Here’s the result after replacing the old dental work.  Our pretty patient got some new teeth, and a beautiful rejuvenated smile. The shade is clean and bright without being TOO white (like SO many crowns tend to be!!).

New crowns


Charlotte NC Dentist, Myers Park DDS, Myers Park dentist, North Carolina Dentist, South Park DDSon March 26th, 2009Comments Off on Cavity-filled

And the final product.  To look at these teeth you’d never know they originally had such large cavities. And one or both of these will end up having crowns ‘down the road’ due to the extensive damage and amount of tooth that was destroyed from the decay.


Cavity-cleaned out

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Yes, I know it’s gross, but look how much tooth was destroyed by the existing cavity inside.  This is a photo with almost all the decay cleaned out.  And remember, there was no hot, cold, or bite sensitivity with these teeth even though they were full of bacteria-laden decay!

Cavity-cleaned out


Charlotte NC Dentist, Southpark DDS, Southpark dentist, Tom Farley DDS Charlotte, Tom Farley DDS South Parkon March 16th, 20099 Comments

One last example.  It’s obvious these teeth are in need of a little work.  You can see the dark grooves with the shadows underneath, and the silver filling that is in the back tooth is going to be replaced too.

Before fillings