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Smile after bonding

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And here is the pretty smile on this young lady after closing the gap on the right side (the patient’s left side).  She was VERY excited with the results, and we were too!

After bonding

Bonding after ortho

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And here’s the results.  It didn’t take long, wasn’t too expensive, and made a dramatic difference in the final appearance of these two teeth.

Bonding to close gap

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Here’s a better view of the situation.  The orthodontist moved the teeth to the right spot, but there still appears to be too much space between these two.  It is not actually a tooth-position problem, but in fact is a tooth SHAPE discrepancy.  With a bit of bonding we can add to both these teeth and dramatically close the spacing.

Bonding after braces

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This young lady has just finished her braces.  The orthodontist did an excellent job, but there is still a problem when you look at her smile.  Any ideas??

Pretty crowns

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Ok….here’s what we did.  Only the front 4 teeth are crowned.  Everything else whitened nicely and there was no reason to put crowns on these other teeth.   So instead of having crowns on all her upper teeth this happy patient was able to have only 4 and get an absolutely fantastic final result.

Crowns to fix teeth

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After whitening we placed crowns on some front teeth DRAMATICALLY improving their appearance!  But….can you tell which teeth have the crowns and which are natural???  Look closely…..

Front teeth repaired

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The teeth we were going to fix had many old fillings that were breaking down, had worn edges, an old crown that no longer matched, and were dark and discolored.  They needed some help!  We started by first whitening all her teeth.  Again…..this is where we were starting: